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Why is the Budget so Hard?

Whether an organization has more revenues than expenses, or needs to trim expenses to live within means - the budget process is hard! People are stressed out and tensions run high as managers negotiate for their highest priorities. The current forecast doesn't have doom and gloom baked in but there is a growing sense of instability in old systems.

Government is always on the tail end of trends in the market and this time is no different. As many private firms downsize in response to trade wars, new bias policies, and anticipated recession, governments are flowing large streams of revenue into those old paradigms to keep the engine running without the capacity or the awareness of the need for change and streamline.

The budget is so hard because of this lag and disconnect between the levers that governments pulls in response to market activity from two years ago that then create a new ripple effect back into the market. New regulations, fees, and legislation is passed to then catch up to those effects creating further ripple effects.

Governments need a new way of thinking about the solutions, a paradigm shift to recognize this cause and effect relationship at the local level and begin to forge new systems that aren't so hard to navigate. Technology isn't the ultimate solution, it will take customized solutions at the local level along with hands-on tools to help move communities into the next expression of government services.

Resilient communities need to plan now to be resilient to climate change, market policies, and unfunded mandates. Community Solutions Institute is a collective of local government, higher education, and non-profit executives committed to helping local leaders solve the complex problems of today and tomorrow.

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